Rules & Expectations

To create a successful camp experience and ensure the safety of all participants, the following regulations have been established in accordance with all JMU policies and procedures.  Please familiarize yourself with all of the following rules and protocol before arriving for camp. 

To download a PDF of the Camp Rules & Expectations - CLICK HERE.



All camp participants are issued a room key and an official JMU “conference” card.  Both should be kept with you on the JMU Summer Band Camps lanyard at ALL TIMES.  The conference card acts as both a swipe card for access to the front door(s) of your assigned residence hall and admission to the dining halls.  If your key or card is lost/stolen, you should report this immediately to a camp staff member and arrange for replacement.  You will be responsible for the cost of the lost key ($25) or card ($10) at check-out.




Keep your room key with you at all times (even if just walking to the bathroom on your floor).  If you become locked out of your room, you should contact your counselor or another staff member immediately, or you can contact the JMU Summer Conferences office directly to let you back into your room by calling 540-568-3606.  Never assume that your roommate will be in your room – always keep your key with you.



Each camp participant will be issued a nametag at registration.  In addition to identifying that you are a participant of the JMU Summer Band Camps, it helps you learn the names of those with whom you are working and living this week.  Please wear your nametag at all times (or clip it onto your lanyard) to be identified as a SBC participant.  If you lose your nametag, notify one of your camp assistants for a replacement immediately.  Also, consider taking advantage of those nametags: get to know each other!



One of the most significant SBC responsibilities is punctual attendance at ALL camp sessions and events, including evening activities.  Attendance will be taken by camp staff at the beginning of each camp session.  If, for some reason, you are unable to attend, you must notify your counselor or a staff member immediately.



All participants will be able to enjoy JMU Dining Services during SBC.  Meals will be served at E-Hall for Marching Band, Drum Major, Drumline, and Guard camps.  Concert Band Camp participants will eat at D-Hall.  Make sure to keep your meal card with you at all times.  Each meal will be served buffet-style and both locations will have several different stations with a variety of food from which you can select.  Please remember we are not the only group on campus this week so please plan to be patient.



All participants will receive a JMU Summer Band Camps water bottle.  This bottle, or one you brought with you, should be kept with you at all times and used regularly.  During the summer weather (and because most of our activities will be held outside during the heat of the day) it is imperative that you rehydrate regularly.  Water breaks will be provided frequently during all sessions – please plan to take advantage of these opportunities to sit down, rest, and find a shaded area in order to get some relief from the sun.



All participants have been assigned a residence hall counselor for the week.  The counseling staff will reside in the dorm on your assigned hall/floor, and they will be available at all times.  Please make sure you know where to locate your assigned counselor’s room.  It is imperative that all participants respect the authority of the entire counseling and instructional staff of the JMU Summer Band Camps, as well as the faculty and staff of James Madison University. 



Please plan to dress appropriately during the week.  Shirts, shorts, and shoes must be worn at all times (except in your own dorm room or corridor):  tennis/running shoes (no sandals), light clothing, sunglasses, sunscreen, hat/visor, and rain apparel (jacket/umbrella) are recommended. 

FOR THE FINAL CAMP PERFORMANCES – Marching Band, Concert Band, Drum Major, and Drumline camp participants will wear their camp t-shirt and khaki shorts for the final performance.  Colorguard/Weapon camp participants will wear their camp t-shirt with black athletic shorts or leggins for their final performance.



Residents of the JMU Summer Band Camps may not operate vehicles on campus.  If you drove your car to campus, you must register with one of the counseling directors and obtain a parking permit to be displayed in your front windshield.  Participants must park in the C-12 lot adjacent to the Festival Center or the Warsaw parking deck adjacent to the Forbes Center (Concert Band only). You will return your keys to the counseling directors once your vehicle is parked and will retrieve your keys at check-out on Saturday.  Failure to park in the designated areas with the parking permit properly displayed will result in parking tickets and potential towing.



Cell phones are permitted at the JMU Summer Band Camps, but should be limited to keeping in touch with friends and family at home.  During all rehearsals/sessions, cell phones should be turned off.  If you are expecting a call, plan to check your messages during the regularly scheduled breaks or meal times. 



A recreational activity has been planned for each night of camp.  All activities are required and attendance will be monitored by the camp staff. 



While at JMU, you will certainly enjoy the beautiful campus and facilities.  However, it is expected that, when walking around campus (to/from rehearsal, meals, etc.), all participants will travel in groups of three or more.  Although JMU is a safe campus, students should never walk alone.  In addition, please be aware of the construction areas around the campus and stay away from construction structures and equipment. 



Camp participants will be housed in Shenandoah Hall (A & B wings), Chesapeake Hall (A wing), and Gifford Hall (Concert Band only).  Divisions between these halls should be respected and there should be no co-ed visitations at any time.  In addition, participants are expected to stay within the main living areas of your hall:  dorm rooms, lobbies, lounges, and vending areas. Failure to comply with this rule will result in immediate removal from camp.



Each night at 11pm, all residence hall areas (excluding bathrooms) are off limits and all participants must be in their assigned rooms with the lights off.  Therefore, individuals who plan to get items from the vending machines must do so in time to be in their rooms by lights out.  At that time, your counselor will visit each room to make announcements for the next day and make sure that all participants are accounted for.



At lights out each night, your counselor will visit each room and make important announcements for the next day.  These announcements will include schedule information, messages from counselors and staff, instructions or reminders from instructors, and other important camp information.



Please be aware that you are living in a community with other camp participants.  Although you may be in your dorm room with the door closed, you are surrounded by others.  Please be respectful of their privacy at all times.



If you need medical attention, please find a counselor or staff member immediately.  They will help you get the appropriate care as quickly as possible.



Smoking is not permitted on the JMU campus.  In addition, the use or possession of any illegal substances (drugs or alcohol) is not permitted.  Individuals found in violation of these policies will be immediately reported to the appropriate authorities, dismissed from camp, and removed from campus.