Camp-Specific Information

What to bring

As you prepare for camp, please consider the following list to help with your planning and packing:

Pillow                                   Single Bed Linens*      Bath Towel/Washcloth
Blankets                               Toiletries                      Shower Shoes
Window/Floor Fan**           Extension cord(s)        Alarm Clock  
Lightweight Clothing         Rain Coat/Poncho       Hat
(for outdoor rehearsals)
Athletic Shoes                     Sunglasses                  Snacks
(for concessions)        Backpack                     Notebook & Pencils   

Khaki Shorts - required for Marching Band, Concert Band, Drum Major, and Drumline camp participants to wear at the final performances (with official SBC T-shirt). 

Black Athletic Shorts/Leggins - required for Colorguard/Weapon camp participants to wear at the final performance (with the official SBC T-shirt).

Swimsuit (optional) - for participants interested in using the pool during our UREC night

* All twin mattresses are extra-long (81-inches).  If you do not own or wish to provide extra-long sheets, consider bringing 2 flat sheets instead.
** While all residence halls are air-conditioned, participants are still encouraged to bring fans to help circulate



Each participant is expected to provide all necessary equipment including:

Musical Instrument(s)
(reeds, valve oil, mallets, sticks, etc.)



  • SYNERGY SUMMIT PARTICIPANTS: Please check back soon for more information.

  • DRUM MAJORS: You will not need to bring an instrument. However, it is recommended that you bring a 3-ring binder or notebook to use for taking notes and collecting resources. In addition, you should consider bringing your marching band’s show music (score/recordings) if you have been provided with this. There may be opportunities for you to work with the SBC and prepare for your upcoming band camp and season.

  • DRUMLINE: You are responsible for providing your marching instrument (snare/bass/tenor) and necessary stands/harnesses. JMU cannot provide instruments. In addition, all participants must bring practice pads for indoor practices.

  • CONCERT BAND PERCUSSION: You will need to provide your own mallets and sticks (concert percussion equipment is provided).

  • GUARD/WEAPON: JMU will provide flag sets for the performances, however, it is recommended that you bring your own practice flag. All participants in the weapon camp are required to bring your own rifle and sabre.

  • MARCHING BAND: In addition to providing your own instrument, it is recommended that you bring a 3-ring binder or notebook to use for taking notes and collecting resources during the week.