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Participants in the Drumline Camp interested in being considered for the “Varsity Line” can download parts (below) to prepare for the auditions.  The Varsity Line is a full drumline selected from interested members of the Drumline Camp to be part of the Marching Band camp and prepare/perform a field show. THIS IS OPTIONAL.

The audition for the Varsity Line will consist of playing portions of the battery music posted below, as well as a brief call and response playing audition. Snares and tenors should be comfortable playing fast rudimental rolls both duple and triple based, paradiddle-diddles, and be very quick at memorizing music. Bass drums should be ready to play multiple splits parts, fast rudimental rolls both duple and triple based, as well as a quick group playing audition.  Those students who do not earn a spot on the snareline or the tenorline may be asked to play bass drum to fill the battery.

The 2019 Varsity Drumline audition will focus on the show music, most specifically measures 110 until the end.  Campers who have memorized the Varsity Drumline audition music will have a better chance of earning a spot. 


Click below to download your part.

2019 Varsity Drumline Audition Music

Snare Drum - Click Here

Tenors - Click Here

Bass Drum - Click Here


MIDI Audio File - Click Here


DRUM Majors

Use the links below to download scores and recordings:

Song:  T.B.A.